Hey Everyone! I'm Steven Michael, a photographer based in Palm Springs, California. My forte leans towards portrait photography, however, I'm also available to shoot a variety of other subjects like landscapes, sporting events and intimate LGBTQ+ weddings. I am available for travel to Los Angeles, Vegas and beyond. I'm currently finishing my second year in photography and can't see myself stopping anytime soon. I love it too much! 

My love for photography began as a child with my parents' Instamatic camera. The one where you popped the square bulb atop for the flash! Then moved into the famous Polaroid. I love(d) those cameras and just may have to purchase a new one! As a teenager I was not only on the yearbook staff in charge of the Classes section, I also worked in the dark room developing our film during Photography Group. When I became a young adult, I never left the house without a disposable camera. I wore my friends down with early selfies, pictures I'm thrilled to have copies of till this day. Then came the end of all ends, the camera phone. And the rest is history. Going through old files, I've quickly noticed how far along the quality has come as new phones were released and talking has become secondary to photography with the camera phones today. My newest weapon of choice is my brand new Canon EOS 90D. It's everything!

My education includes two years of study at WPPI in Las Vegas, a ton of online masterclass tutorials, lots of desire to produce incredible imagery, and a good dose of trial and error. With every session I learn something new not only about photography and how to achieve amazing results, but I learn about myself and how to work with others, communicating our main intent. and capturing the best photo we can. Be it a collaboration for content, a project for charity, a brand new client or working with an 'ole faithful, my success truly depends on their happiness. I hope to hear from you soon! 

Best Regards,

Steven Michael